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Hello thereee! Amy Pond cosplayer and more, posting pictures of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Disney with a cherry on top of drawing! Add me! I'm a very friendly person! Come Along Pond! :)

pygmypuffgonebonkers asked: Hey you are an amazing cosplayer and I have some questions about your Amy Pond cosplay because I'm playing my own. 1) the coat for the Van Gogh cosplay , where did you get it/how did you make it? 2) Same question about the black dress. Thanks!



Hello thank you very much :)
I can’t be much help unfortunately with info…my turquoise Vincent and the doctor coat was a long search on eBay for winter coats and my black dress…I think you mean my pineapple one? Was from a website called Delia’s (but be warned the shipping charges are evil if you aren’t from America :))
Hope that helps XD

Thanks ever so much!

You are very welcome :)

hushsoundislove asked: Quick question, when you have done the Kissogram outfit how did you tie the tie? I plan on cosplaying at a con this weekend and I got a tie but I'm not quite sure how Amy wears hers...

Well the tie I bought was a rectangle cravat piece of checkered fabric :) different shape to a tie :)

pygmypuffgonebonkers asked: I was wondering if you could share your Merida dress pattern with me? Thanks ever so much!

I was actually really naughty with my Merida dress and bought it :P it was one of the first links on the “Merida costume” search in google :)

pygmypuffgonebonkers asked: Can we fangirl about Romeo and Juliet

Yes we can XD I love it so much and I can’t wait to speak in Shakespearean prose when in my Juliet angel costume :)

Thanks for this wonderful edit @badwolf_in_the_tardis :) 
I love it! 
Eye to eye ;) #amypond #amypondcosplay #karengillan #cosplay #doctorwho #doctorwhocosplay #girlwhowaited
May have just purchased some angel wings ;) they were really cheap and my brain just went what the hell :P 
Maybe I can do a Juliet cosplay soon XD I reckon I have a white sundress in my cupboard somewhere already :P shame I don’t have a Romeo to put in knight gear :) #romeoandjuliet #clairedanes #cosplay #julietcosplay #angelwings #halloweenpossibly :)
New cosplay idea :) I love this version of Romeo and Juliet sooo much and well this costume is adorable and Claire Danes makes the perfect Juliet in my opinion and look she’s ginger ;) sooo next on my list is some angel wings :P #clairedanes #romeoandjuliet #julietcosplay #angelwings #cosplayideas


Dancing, you’re doing it right..

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Anonymous asked: Hey. So you're such an amazing cosplayer that you've inspired me to start cosplaying, the only problem is that im really inexperienced, so any suggestions on a character that I could cosplay with limited experience? Thanks!

Thank you and glad I inspired you :) I’m not that experienced myself XD but I would say pick someone you admire and enjoy characteristically :) you don’t have to look like a character to cosplay convincingly XD

benedict-cumbertardis asked: I love your cosplays but I have a question about how you do your hair. Also I have the same pineapple dress as you and I love how you put a shirt underneath (at least thats how it looks) so it looks more like the actual one.

Thank you :) and yes that is what I did well noticed XD
To do my amy pond hair I have extensions to match my hair colour :)