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Hello thereee! Amy Pond cosplayer and more, posting pictures of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Disney with a cherry on top of drawing! Add me! I'm a very friendly person! Come Along Pond! :)

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Anonymous said: You are so unbelievably pretty and I can't handle it!!!

Aww thank you :)

Short hair costumes vs long hair costumes :p 

A few costumes I started and really want to finish! 

Because everyone wants a pixie esc femme Pan ;) 

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Coronation Anna WIP :) 

Wow I’ve never styled a wig in my life and that was a seriously confusing style to start with butttt I think this is pretty close to the design :) 
Ignore the incorrect hair pin at the back, I’m going to correct that with the right one once I’ve learnt how to mold metal :P 

Hope you like it so far :) 
I moved the bun down at the back slightly so it flows a little more like hers

Phew! Can’t wait to wear it all together XD 

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I present to you the most screen accurate Coronation Elsa cape ever ;) 

Only joking :P 
This is my toile mockup version since I didn’t have any plain fabric left to use I thought old bed covers would work just as well :) and yes they do :) 

The actual length of the cape will be a little longer than this as well but there’s only so much bedcover you can use :P

I have cut this into 4 sections and so far my mathematics have not failed me yet :) 

More toile updates with funky bed sheets to come tomorrow ;) 

Then it’s fabric buying time!!! 

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Am I seriously considering another Elsa…yes yes I am :P 
Well winter is coming so I need some more capes to make ;) 

Anyway a few of you ask me how I make patterns or where I find them and I thought I’d show you my drafting out patterns and mathematical drawings (plus pretty disney!) for my next project…this one won’t be for a while yet as I’m still finishing Ariel buttt the excitement for a new project is making me all EEEEE!!!!! 
Sooo have some preliminary sketches :) 
I can’t wait to start this one though!!! 
Also I help this break down helps some of you who wanted pattern help! It’s like making really complicated jigsaw puzzles!! #elsa #elsacosplay #futureplans #disney #disneycosplay #disneydrawing #frozen #frozencosplay
So I got nominated by Alice in Cosplay land (Lisa) and I know a few of you nominated me on here as well sooo I did it for all of you :) to watch the full video then please come like my cosplay page as it’s on there www.facebook.com/haylzzpond :) and WOW that was freezing but for an amazing cause so please all donate to www.alsa.org and join in with the #ALSicebucketchallenge #wowthatwasfreezing #pleasedonate
Ariel WIP report: The bodice is almost complete :) I still need to sew up the stitching on the waistline to the skirt and I need to add white sections of “diamond like shapes” onto the sleeves and top stitching to everything

But yes I’m pretty happy with it so far :) 

ITS HUGE!! God knows how I’m going to get on the train in this ;) 
Hopefully I’ll be staying in a hotel for MCM not really sure where I’m staying at the moment…might be doing a Giselle and looking for a hollow tree ;) 

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It’s that time again ;) oh yes my LFCCW tickets have arrived!! Now I need to make sure my Christine and Anna costumes are perfect for October AND I must remember to make business cards this time GAHD! 

See you all there!!
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Plus if I get to do Anna in winter I may as well update my Elsa costume for the winter as well ;) I also want to do Belle’s “Something Sweet” winter outfit so lots of wintery stuff! 
But yes lots of new updates with Elsa and Anna :) and this time I’m buying an Olaf! :P 

Now “let it g….snow” ;) 

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So as I was heading to work yesterday I felt a cold breeze and had to put my coat on…I then suddenly realised (mind the game of thrones pun) WINTER IS COMING!!! 

I really really hope it snows this winter because my Anna costume needs to make some snowmen with Elsa and Olaf and Kristoff! 

Sooo everyone wish for snow in the winter :) I’m bored of the heat!!! I’ll talk to Elsa and get her to make another eternal winter? ;) YES! 

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